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Kent Craig offers provides corporate real estate services to individuals, small and mid-size companies.

What does a Commercial Real Estate Consultant do?

Management of Transaction Process

  • Property research and selection, tenant representation, lease negotiation, lease amendments/renewals, and property acquisition/deposition


Administration of Lease Process

  • Critical date monitoring, occupancy cost analysis, lease amendments/renewals


Strategic Planning

  • Stakeholder collaboration, portfolio strategy, scenario analysis, space needs, communication with consultants and team members


Fit-Out and Project Management

  • Communicate with client’s selected service providers; lawyers accountants, designers, contractors, furniture suppliers, movers


Buyer/Tenant Representation

  • When a commercial property lease is to expire, can evaluate different properties available in the market, advise clients on negotiating the lease extension or renewal, relocating or buying a property. Assisting determining the value, other potential cost in addition to the purchase price, create a client oriented offer document, or other factors that may come up during a lease negotiation or buy out.


Lease Agreement Analysis/Opinions/Negotiations

  • Negotiate the lease or renewal for your office space.  Assist landlords and real estate investors understand factors that impact both the value of your property and control over it. Help ensure that rents, build out allowances, termination clauses, pass through expenses and options to renew or purchase are all structured appropriately for the market.


Team Management

  • Assist selecting a space designer, contractor, IT supplier, and moving company.

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