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commercial real estate consulting


How a Commercial Real Estate Consultant Can Help You:

Choosing the right location is critical for your business or organization and negotiating favourable leasing terms can be a significant cost saving. However, leasing commercial real estate is not an ongoing task for most businesses or organizations, collecting the necessary and pertinent  information to make an informed decision is onerous. As a real estate consultant, Kent can present you with the information necessary to make an informed decision and offer unbiased recommendations based on his experience with the Vancouver real estate market.


Real Estate Solutions Based on Your  Particular Circumstances. 

Save time, save money, diversify your portfolio and gain access to listings not always available to the general public. Kent will work with you to accurately determine your budget, requirements, goals and time line. He will perform the required research to identify roadblocks and/or opportunities and to develop strategies to provide workplace and portfolio solutions that make your space(s) work for you.

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