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There are a variety of services Kent can provide to help you reduce operating expenses, protect your assets and ensure you’re making sound investment decisions.

Protect Your Assets &
Make Sound Decisions

Choosing the right location is critical for your business and negotiating favourable leasing terms can be a significant cost saving. However, leasing commercial real estate is not an ongoing task for most businesses, collecting the necessary and pertinent information is an onerous task. As a real estate consultant with over 25 years of experience, Kent can present you with the information necessary to make an informed decision and offer recommendations.


A realtor who lists properties for lease, i.e. a listing agent, cannot serve the best interests of both the landlord and a tenant. Ultimately, a listing agent’s duty is to the landlord who contracts his/her services and the agent’s objective is to lease the space, regardless of whether it is the best option for the tenant.


In contrast, Kent will act in your business' best interest by:

  • Objectively researching the availability and rental rates of appropriate properties

  • Developing resourceful real estate strategies based on your unique circumstances

  • Disclosing all information that may affect your business

  • Preparing detailed comparative cost reports to analyze your shortlisted premises

  • Use market knowledge to effectively negotiate on your behalf at your direction

  • Preparing client oriented documentation

  • Ensuring all deposits are held in trust according to the BC Real Estate Services Act.


Kent will also make the process of securing your future location as straightforward as possible by:

  • Providing a single point of contact 

  • Performing all tasks promptly and professionally

  • Assist in obtaining other necessary services, including legal, space planning, accounting and construction


For more information about commercial real estate consulting, please contact Kent or look at an overview of his comprehensive approach.

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