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Commercial Real Estate Consulting Fee

Choosing to have a commercial real estate consultant imposes no additional cost on your business or organization.


Whether you ultimately decide to extend your existing lease or relocate to new premises, the landlord who successfully secures your tenancy will compensate your consultant. The landlord will be paying a predetermined fee to lease the premises. If you, the tenant, do not have a tenant representative, then the landlord’s agent will obtain the entire fee. If you have a tenant representative, the landlord’s fee will be split between your tenant representative and the landlord’s representative.


The services of a commercial real estate consultant genuinely impose no additional cost on your business* and will most likely improve your negotiating leverage. For more information on commercial real estate consulting, please contact me or look at the benefits of real estate consulting or an overview of my comprehensive approach.


Alternative fee schedules can be arranged.


All commission and fees will be explicitly disclosed to clients.







*Many tenants make the mistake of beginning to negotiate a lease extension with their landlord directly before engaging a tenant representative. In this situation, it is often difficult to convince the landlord to follow this standard fee schedule. I recommend that clients contact me before engaging in preliminary lease discussions with their landlord.

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